Immortal Prestige

Much human struggle and toil is promoted by the desire of individuals to win the favor of their fellow men and thereby gain prestige for themselves. Perhaps years of labor and thought may be devoted to achieving some phase of prestige; but many times, when this goal has been attained, those who have thus won it find that their laurels are vain, their hands empty. After this kind of experience many awake to the fact that material glory has no permanence.

Wherein, then, lies true satisfaction? Surely a glance at the average newspaper reports uncovers the fallacious argument that wealth and fame bring happiness. Only too often the companions of these are worry and care. Nor may contentment be found in the extremes of poverty. Christian Science reveals that one attains a sense of completeness only as he forsakes the material concept of all things for the spiritual, thus forgetting self and fulfilling the Golden Rule: "And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise."

August 24, 1935

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