It is with a heart overflowing with gratitude for the...

It is with a heart overflowing with gratitude for the many blessings received that I give this testimony.

When I was first introduced to Christian Science I was a member of an orthodox church, and on being lent a copy of Science and Health I merely glanced at the first page of the Preface and laid the book aside, not even thinking of it for the next two years, although I was suffering a great deal from a war wound received in 1917, my right leg being badly smashed below the knee. I had eight operations, and after each one the wound seemed worse, not even healing up after the last one. A lady who was staying with us talked to me about Christian Science and seemed much surprised that I had not even tried to read the textbook after having it for two years. After a good deal of argument I promised to read it and started to do so. Soon afterwards I was laid up in bed, and the wound seemed worse than it had ever been before. The doctor who was attending me said that the best thing would be to have the leg taken off, and that if I agreed to this he would give me a letter to a hospital in Glasgow. I had about decided to follow his advice but continued reading the textbook, and in less than ten days the wound healed up; and from that day to this, nearly five years, I have not had the slightest trouble. I can run, jump, and do anything necessary on that leg, whereas formerly if I walked a little too far I was laid up. This healing took place simply through my reading of the textbook.

The Pure in Heart
August 24, 1935

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