I have every reason to be grateful for Christian Science

I have every reason to be grateful for Christian Science Over four years ago my wife was in ill health and very unhappy. Her mother had died of a so-called incurable disease when comparatively a young woman; and as my wife approached the age at which her mother died she was haunted by the fear the she was similarly afflicted. She suffered great pain and, at times, was very depressed. One day she went into a Christian Science Reading Room and looked over a copy of The Christian Science Journal, wherein she discovered the name and address of a near-by practitioner, whom, eventually, she visited. Thanks to the loving counsel and clear spiritual vision of this practitioner, in two weeks the fear completely vanished, and with it every symptom of pain and depression. My wife has been well and happy ever since.

A little later our son was training for his school sports; and one morning, two days before the sports, he showed me a lump about the size of a hen's egg just above the left groin. He told me that it had gradually been getting larger and more painful for three weeks past, and that now he could not walk without intense pain. My wife took him to the same practitioner, and the next morning the lump was gone; and on the following day he not only did well, but won the championship of his school. I was greatly interested in these two healings, but was not yet convinced.

Testimony of Healing
It is such a joyous privilege to testify to the healing...
December 8, 1934

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