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The remarks of the author of "To-day" on the subject of "faith cure" in a recent issue of your paper clearly show that he had in mind faith in human power to heal disease; and entirely aside from the fact that Christian Science was not mentioned and cannot be classed among the systems this writer had in mind since it relies wholly and completely on faith in God and in His ability and willingness to heal "all thy diseases," is the fact that many of your readers, not understanding this, may be misled into believing that the critic's remarks could apply to Christian Science.

Your contributor cites a prominent physician as of the opinion that nearly half of those who go to doctors for relief have nothing ailing them, their trouble being that they imagine they are suffering. This view is not particularly helpful to those who are very sure they are suffering. To them there is something very real from which they wish to be relieved. The question as to whether pain is real or imaginary is not so important as to find relief. It is, however, simply human faith in human means that temporarily frees one from suffering; and when the prescription or method which to-day relieves one's suffering is found to be incapable of relieving him to-morrow, the sufferer sometimes learns that it was only his faith in them that relieved him, and he is perhaps led to seek the help of the ever loving Father who is "a very present help in trouble."

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