Signs of the Times

[From "Christ at the Round Table," by E. Stanley Jones]

The ... interpreter was a Christian tremendously in earnest. He was very anxious that the message should go through with effect and power. He was tense. ... It was not that he was nervous about the question of being able to interpret, for he was a graduate of a university, but he was strained because of his inner spiritual anxiety. And this sense of strain was spoiling everything. There wasn't the sense of quiet faith in God and the message. I felt like stopping the address, unfolding his clenched fists, and stroking bhis overwrought soul into quiet peace and trust, and saying, "Now let's trust God—He will see it through." But I could not, and the meeting was spoiled. I longed to teach him this lesson, for I had been taught it some years before. My whole work was strained. I was so eager that I was overwrought. In a series of evangelistic meetings I was pulling and tugging to get men to decision, but the results were meager. I felt as though I could take a cudgel and beat them into the kingdom of God!

February 9, 1929

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