An unfair reference to Christian Science in your recent...


An unfair reference to Christian Science in your recent issue, appearing under the caption "In My Opinion," necessitates a request that you kindly publish this brief reply. Writing on behalf of Christian Scientists, without any desire for controversy, I aver they have an entirely satisfactory reason for objecting to whisky. Whether, however, this averment, briefly elucidated below, is acceptable or not to your readers at large is a matter for individual discrimination.

Intoxicants enslave mankind and awaken in those who indulge in them the grosser elements and objectionable traits of the "carnal mind," which so-called mind, Paul states, "is enmity against God." Intoxicants stultify one's better self, usurp self-government, paralyze reason, and becloud conscience. Furthermore, gratification of the carnal appetites retards the development and unfoldment of the Christian qualities and abilities inherent in humanity;a and pandering to material appetites is not in accord with the Ten Commandments or the teachings of Christ Jesus. In short, strong drink deprives its victim of his God-bestowed inalienable rights to express true manhood.

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