"Pleasant View"

"Pleasant View"! How often has the writer happily contemplated these words in connection with the new home that is being erected in Concord, New Hampshire, by The Mother Church! What inspiration to choose for the name of this haven that which the revered Leader, Mrs. Eddy, loved and gave to her home in the New Hampshire hills! And since this is to be a retreat for the so-called aged, how significant do the words "Pleasant View" become! If there is one thing that mortals all these centuries have not associated with the thought of advancing years, that one thing is a "pleasant" view. The words "old age" have companioned closely with decadence, uselessness, and gloom; and now comes the new tongue of Christian Science happily reversing the old order, and proclaiming that this new home caring for those battling with the beliefs of age shall be a place of pleasant views, cheering outlook, and glorious overcoming.

In a few places, some Christian Scientists who have not thought very deeply have expressed concern lest our beloved Mother Church was erring in "recognizing old age," as they express it. Would it not seem, rather, that The Mother Church is endeavoring practically to help mortals conquer the universal fear of decay and decrepitude? Certainly the Pleasant View Home will not proclaim to Christian Scientists, Here is an old people's home where the aged and infirm may come and stay until they pass away. It is far more likely that this compassionate and scientific invitation will be heard instead: You have been a faithful soldier and loyal member of The Mother Church these many years. You now seem to need a helping hand, a place of refuge. Because of your worthiness, Your Mother Church invites you to come to this sweet haven, and here amongst these happy surroundings, and with this "pleasant view," to make the demonstration over age and the "last enemy"! This, then, will become the most extraordinary "old people's home" in the world; for the simple reason that it will not be an old people's home. It will be a place of happy retreat for loyal Christian Scientists suffering from that which may be called "age-sickness;" and every guest therein will be urged to cling to that pleasant view, that joyous expectation of Life eternal, which ultimates not in uselessness and decrepitude, but in unfoldment of the grand possibilities of lengthened, active days, renewed strength, and the "sense of Life that knows no death," as the familiar hymn beautifully puts it.

The very fact that such an ideal place of refuge exists will do much towards banishing a latent dread of the claim of advancing years, helplessness, and lack in the hearts of many students. In truth, the alert and consecrated Directors of our beloved Mother Church in taking this splendid forward step are bearding this lion—the fear and dread of age—in its very den. From this moment Christian Scientists should press onward with renewed courage and enthusiasm, to conquer not only sin and sickness, but old age as well. Our great Leader gave us an inspiring example. A supposedly dying woman at what the world calls middle age, she was able to add to her human span forty-four years of the most glorious activity a mortal has ever known. Many of her most important works were written after she was in her seventies. Moses apparently never got a good start at his life-work until he was eighty; and at the splendid maturity of one hundred and twenty we read in Deuteronomy that "his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated."

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Love to God and Man
February 26, 1927

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