Faith in God versus False Responsibility

Men have preached for ages that faith in God is a saving grace. They have declared that such faith will solve all problems, unravel all snarls, dissolve all difficulties, and establish good for the individual as well as for society at large. All Christian peoples have longed to compass this faith, and have worked and prayed to this end. They have seen that this faith must always be based on God's ability to govern; on the recognition that His power is equal to the perfect control of all things, at all times, under all circumstances.

The endeavor to gain this all-embracing faith in God, this unchangeable assurance that in Him is salvation from every form and claim of evil, has, however, appeared to be opposed and thwarted on every side by beliefs in a personal sense of ability, in a false responsibility rising from belief in a personal desire to govern, in a personal power to control. These beliefs have proved to be an almost universal deterrent to proper faith in God. To have faith in God's absolute, infinite government and at the same time to entertain faith in a personal ability to govern and control is an utter impossibility. Such belief in personal authority shuts out from consciousness any real reliance on God, and replaces true faith with a mistaken dependence on one's own belief in personal power to govern one's self or to control or be controlled by another person or persons.

Lecture in The Mother Church
February 26, 1927

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