The Need of Both Law and Gospel

Running through the fabric of Mrs. Eddy's writings is a beautiful thread which constantly reappears, and, indeed, is vital to the harmony of all she has written on Christian Science. This thread is her concept of the law and gospel, as taught and demonstrated by Jesus. Much must yet be learned before the adherents of Christianity can understand the equal importance of these two elements of the Bible. Without some understanding, students of the Scriptures are apt to drift into one-sided conditions of thought, according as they may be strong for the law and weak for the gospel, or vice versa. Even Christian Scientists may become so strenuous for the law as to omit to exercise the simple precepts of the gospel,—the good news of God as Love, and of the Christ as His living witness.

Controversies have frequently arisen because some adherents were strong for the law and the letter of the teaching of Christianity, and disregarded the gospel and its spirit. The contention has been between the spirit and the letter; and the adherents of the law have at times used their concepts thereof against the spirit; whereas, in true Christianity, the law and the gospel have one origin, one Principle, and one Science. The two cannot be separated in Christian Science; and progress can be attained only by understanding their basis and unity. Of these dual requirements Mrs. Eddy writes in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 65), "Christian Science demands both law and gospel, in order to demonstrate healing, and I have taught them both in its demonstration, and with signs following;" and then she adds, "The sequence proves that strict adherence to one is inadequate to compensate for the absence of the other, since both constitute the divine law of healing."

The Promised Comforter
December 22, 1923

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