"They shall not hurt nor destroy"

On five different occasions the words in the prophecy of Isaiah, "They shall not hurt nor destroy," and the similar ones spoken by the Master to his disciples, "Nothing shall by any means hurt you," helped me to prove the powerlessness of a wasp's sting to cause any discord. The following experience may prove helpful to parents who have a fear of such things for their children.

I had been making jam, and on finishing gave the preserving pan to my three year old daughter, who always looked forward to a pleasant half hour with the pan and a spoon after jam making. In a few minutes some wasps began to show serious intentions of sharing the booty with the child. At first she strongly objected, but I explained to her that the wasps loved the jam just as much as she did, and that she must either give up the pleasure of scraping the pan at all, or else be unselfish and let the wasps have their share also, as it was impossible to keep them off. I assured her that if she could remember that she was God's child and so could not and would not be harmed, because Love was all around her, she would reflect love and could have quite a happy time. Then I left her in the garden to work out the problem for herself, and proceeded to do other work in the house.

"Work out your own salvation"
July 14, 1917

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