I am very glad to tell of some of the wonderful demonstrations...

I am very glad to tell of some of the wonderful demonstrations we have had through Christian Science. With the help of a practitioner I have been healed of severe headaches of about twenty-five years' standing, and of female trouble. My husband also was healed of lumbago with a few treatments. In the fall of 1915 he got a toothpick in his throat, and after it had been there four days he thought he would have to go to a doctor to have it taken out. When Christian Science was recommended to him, he was willing to try it, so he had two absent treatments and the toothpick disappeared.

While hunting rabbits in December, 1915, our son, aged fifteen, was accidentally shot by a companion who stood not six feet away, and the full charge went into his right temple. They were about a quarter of a mile from the house, and the boy walked half way home, then my husband and another man carried him the rest of the way. He wanted Christian Science help, so I called a practitioner over the long distance telephone, and she treated him. We thought the wound would have to be cleaned, so we called a doctor, but it was several hours before he came. Although the lad had lost much blood he was conscious all the time, and he felt no pain while the wound was being cleaned. The doctor said it was wonderful, as he always had to administer an anesthetic in such cases. Ninety shot were taken out. We were told that the boy should eat and drink very little, as he was vomiting so much, but when the practitioner came all discordant conditions vanished. Two days later my son and I accompanied the practitioner home and attended a Wednesday evening service. We know he owes his life to Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
Gratitude is always the keynote of the testimonies given...
July 14, 1917

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