Christian Science acknowledges God, the "great First Cause"...

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Christian Science acknowledges God, the "great First Cause" and creator of all, as eternal Truth, and considers as absolutely true in man only that which is the expression of the Father. It teaches how we can become more conscious of the divine reflected in ourselves and in our fellow man, and how obedience to God in thought and in deed brings salvation from all evil. It opens our consciousness to the voice of Truth, which although continually speaking to all often remains unheard, because humanity for ages has given more heed to the testimony of the physical senses, that picture a universe in which, besides the omnipotent God, good, a second power seems to exist, interfering with God's government of the universe and annulling His supremacy; for it really amounts to this, although we may try to cloak it under the most plausible arguments.

Christian Science teaches that all God's ideas are protected in His omnipotence and therefore are eternal. For this reason that which lacks the divine sanction possesses no intrinsic power, although through ignorance humanity has always bowed to it. When by letting the spirit of Truth dwell in him man learns to understand and demonstrate the allness of God, then Christ, Truth, the impersonal Saviour, is come to him, and will guide him into the perfect liberty of the children of God.

Not only in a far-off future, but here and now, does the understanding and demonstration of Truth bring salvation from all evil, from sin and anguish as well as from bodily suffering. The last may perhaps seem strange to some readers, because they have not yet grown familiar with the idea that everything which happens in the body, yea, the whole so-called material body itself, is the expression of one's more or less conscious thinking. Christian Science healing is not the result of bringing thought-power to bear upon matter, but of communion with God, of listening to unchanging, ever blessing Truth, which lifts mankind out of wrong thinking and awakens them to the divine idea.

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