For several years before coming into Christian Science I...

For several years before coming into Christian Science I had suffered from a complication of diseases, including stomach trouble and other discordant conditions. Several physicians did all they could for me, but I received no permanent benefit. In the autumn of 1913 I was suddenly taken seriously ill. A physician was called and a drug administered to relieve my suffering. The following day another physician was called in consultation, but not much hope of my recovery was given to the family. I remained at home for about a month, and was then taken to a hospital and operated on. My condition was found to be more alarming than had been expected, and all hope of my recovery was given up. I remained in the hospital for several weeks, and a second operation was decided on in the hope that it would relieve me. Some weeks later I was removed to my home, and a few weeks afterward was taken to the home of a relative in the country, both of these moves being made on a stretcher. Another physician was called, and still another, who accepted the case very reluctantly, saying that he did not think he could help me.

I seemed to improve for a short time, then grew worse again. Another consultation and another operation followed; but I did not get any better. One of the physicians then told me that he had communicated with the St. Louis surgeon who had treated me before, and that, as another operation was advised, I had better return to the hospital. I returned to St. Louis and underwent a series of operations. During the time that had elapsed between the first operation and the last one a bad hernia had developed, and I was told I would have to be operated on again before I would be able to walk. Being advised to return to the country, I went to Palmyra, Mo. By this time I had a well developed case of tuberculosis, and as my father had passed on a few years before with this disease, I felt that the best thing I could hope for was an early death.

Testimony of Healing
I am very thankful to God for Christian Science, the...
July 14, 1917

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