A Study of Self

In pursuance of its divine mission Christian Science is teaching the imperative necessity for the uncovering and destruction of mortality's self. Why this is so becomes apparent as one advances in spiritual knowledge; but frequently this is assented to with reluctance. Its full meaning can only be grasped concurrently with an acceptance of Mrs. Eddy's statement that "mortal existence is a state of self-deception and not the truth of being" (Science and Health, p. 403). The human mind in its crude and unawakened condition sees in this a bland denial of what is to it an obvious fact, namely, that there can be nothing more real than mortal existence, and that therefore it is an integral part of one's real self until it is dropped with the dissolution of the body and merged into a higher state of existence.

In common with other erroneous beliefs, Christian Science overturns this by demonstrable evidence. It leaves no room for dualism. There are in reality not two existences nor two selfhoods, any more than there are two truths or two minds or two worlds. It is true, as our Leader found, that in expounding Christian Science to the unenlightened thought it is necessary to use language which seems to imply a dual existence and a dual self; but he who essays to explain the Science of Mind-healing will wisely and clearly insist that there is but one Life, and that spiritual, just as there is but one God, and one man, who can possess no other life than that which is the reflection of God. Indeed there could be no such thing as metaphysical healing if the theory of duality were admitted, for it would involve the acceptance of a belief in the equality of existence and power of Spirit and matter, also of good and evil; hence there would be no harmonious basis upon which to work.

July 14, 1917

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