Gratitude is always the keynote of the testimonies given...

Gratitude is always the keynote of the testimonies given by students of Christian Science, but more especially of those of us whom it has lifted from a state of hopeless invalidism to strength and happiness. I am one who has special reason to be thankful that Christian Science came into my life when it did.

When I was thirteen years of age I fell downstairs and very severly injured my back, so that for the next seven years I never knew what it was to be free from pain, and a part of the time was able to walk only a few steps. My back was badly twisted and my whole system suffered. I always had heart trouble, and this took on a more acute form and became so serious that some of the attacks would render me unconscious for quite a while. I had all kinds of treatment,—in fact everything was done for me that offered any relief,—and was laced up in all sorts of fashions, in the hope that my back could be straightened and that I would be able to do something. I would receive temporary relief, but the old suffering always returned.

My parents were rather strict church members and I had been brought up in their belief. During all my illness I tried to reconcile myself to the thought that a God of love had brought me into the world to suffer and to be a burden to myself and family, but I could not do so and began to reach out for something else. I read Science and Health along with other reading, but failed to realize that the truth was for me. It was all very beautiful, but I did not think it could cure a crooked back. Eight years ago, while I was in a sanitarium, Christian Science was again brought to my attention, and I asked for help, with the result that after a few weeks' treatment I was completely cured. I am just as well and strong now as any man, and have had absolutely no recurrence of the old trouble. Unless one has experienced such a healing, has been lifted from a life of pain to one of happiness, he cannot appreciate my gratitude. This is only one of many healings that I have experienced in Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for the...
July 14, 1917

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