I am very thankful to God for Christian Science, the...

I am very thankful to God for Christian Science, the knowledge of the ever present Christ. Within the last year I have had two proofs of the efficacy of mental surgery. While trying to open a door which stuck, I hurt my hand; but the pain passed and I thought no more of the incident until a few days afterward, when it was evident that a bone was out of place. I went to a practitioner and asked for help, then tried to know the truth which Jesus declared would make us free. About a month afterward I noticed that the bone had gone back into place, and the hand was indeed "restored whole, like as the other."

The other healing was that of a sprained ankle. I fell from a trolley car, and in falling my left foot doubled under me. I was picked up unconscious, and the first thing I heard when consciousness returned was some one saying, "Of course she's hurt; she's terribly hurt." This I immediately denied, both mentally and audibly. I was then carried to a bench, when the sense of faintness again overcame me, owing to the intense pain in the foot. Mentally declaring the truth that there are no accidents in Mind, I was able with my husband's help to reach a pavilion on the board walk, where I sat waiting until my husband could secure a room for us at a hotel. As I tried to realize the all-power and all-presence of God, I raised my eyes and saw before me on a window the words "Christian Science Reading Room." I thought, "Oh, if I could only get there and get help!" When my husband returned for me I did with his assistance manage to get up the stairs to the reading room, where I met with prompt and loving help. The pain lessened during treatment, and next morning I attended church service. I had two more treatments, and in ten days could walk without limping. The healing in both cases has been permanent.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has taught me in a very practical way...
July 14, 1917

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