No Christian Scientist would presume to criticize the...

Indianapolis (Ind.) News

No Christian Scientist would presume to criticize the clergyman for disbelieving in Christian Science, or for his preference for material means of treating diseases, but his statement that the practice of Christian Science is "precarious and morally dangerous," made somewhat indirectly, is not only exceedingly unjust, but impossible of proof. On the contrary, almost an unlimited amount of evidence can be offered to show that Christian Science conduces to the very highest morals, and this is attested not only by the personnel of its membership and adherents, but by the healing of all manner of evil and vice in all walks of life.

In his statement, "The power of mind over matter is mighty," our brother has not stated Christian Science teaching, even though that is a very common supposition in regard to it. Christian Science teaches the power of Mind (spelled with a capital letter and therefore meaning God) over mortal mind, or the carnal mind, as St. Paul called it. This understanding and demonstration of the power of God in Christian Science has healed almost countless numbers of "structural organic disease," our critic's statement to the contrary notwithstanding. These healings include broken bones, deformed and misshapen children, blindness, deafness, heart disease, Bright's disease, tuberculosis in its last stages, and in fact practically every disease known to mankind, after reputable physicians had given a diagnosis. Many such healings have taken place right here in our own midst, and the proofs of them, as well as of their completeness, are at the command of those who ask for them.

December 16, 1916

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