Christian Scientists can agree with our critic in her...


Christian Scientists can agree with our critic in her reminder that "Christianity is not a religion of theory or of opinion, but a religion the essentials of which are historical facts, incontrovertibly attested as any other facts of history." But Christian Science insists that these essentials are complete in the life and teaching of Christ Jesus, and that he alone is the founder of the religion bearing his name.

It is reasonable that Jesus knew and practised the essentials of Christianity and that he gave them in their completeness to the world. Upon these fundamentals the four gospels are in agreement, and these elementary facts are unreservedly accepted by Christian Science and so recorded in its authorized literature. Christian Science however points out that the essence of the scheme of salvation is the spiritual import of the component parts thereof. They therefore turn away from the material and seek the spiritual observance and understanding of what Christ Jesus set forth as the way.

This critic would exclude other denominations from Christianity because she holds the church to be a very great part of the plan of salvation. Now the facts are that the Founder of Christianity did not establish a system of worship nor did he subscribe to a creed or ritual. Instead he urged the worship of God as Spirit and said, "The hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father." Creeds and rituals do not make Christianity, but subscription to and practice of the teachings of Jesus do unfailingly mark a disciple of Christ. In this test Christian Scientists are not wanting, for they strive to preach the gospel and heal the sick as commanded by Jesus.

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