Christ Jesus said, "I am not come to destroy, but to...

Milwaukee (Wis.) Journal

Christ Jesus said, "I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil," and he unfolded inward grace wherewith to meet outward evils. Mrs. Eddy, through Christian Science, restates this teaching, enabling man to acquaint himself intelligently with God, and be at peace. For this constructive work, whose activity is encircling the globe, ritualism and creed would, if it could, defame and malign her fair name and brand her doctrine as "murderous heresy," as evidenced by a local evangelist's statement. When prejudice gives place to tolerance, and the winning grace of the indwelling truth speaks from our pulpits, then the method of winning souls to Christ will be constructive instead of destructive, and it will universally be seen that Mrs. Eddy, known and honored by thousands through her writings and good works, has taken nothing of good from religion or medicine, but through Christian Science has inspired them with a "diviner nature and essence" (Science and Health, p. 107).

What we need is not a new compass every year, but a new determination to steer straight by the old compass, which is the Word of God in Christ.—Henry van Dyke, D.D.

Not Decadence, but Progress
December 16, 1916

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