When I became interested in Christian Science about seven...

When I became interested in Christian Science about seven years ago, I had reached the very depths of human suffering and bitterness, after having been a semiinvalid for six years. During this time I had followed the advice of a number of reputable physicians and specialists, but without any permanent relief. I shall, however, always remember very kindly their efforts in my behalf, and now rejoice that the last one I consulted in Washington, D. C., which is my home city, was broad minded enough to suggest my trying Christian Science, stating that there was nothing known to medical science that could give me any relief. With the assistance of a Christian Science practitioner I was enabled in the short space of four weeks to resume my usual duties.

Besides the physical discomfort, everything in my little world seemed to have gone wrong, but I am now happy to say that all these conditions have been changed through a better understanding of the Bible and of man's relationship to God as revealed in Science and Health. In Christian Science I have indeed found the "pearl of great price," for aside from the material benefits, which have been numerous, there has come a peace which the world can neither give nor take away. Most of my time during the past seven years has been spent in office work, and the past two years I have done very heavy work requiring special care and of a most exacting nature. I am sure that in the past five years I have not been away from my office duties on account of indisposition more than five days altogether.

I am particularly grateful for the privilege one has in the understanding of Christian Science of being able to point a way of relief to our fellow man, no matter how greatly or in what way he may be afflicted and troubled. Again I am grateful that Mrs. Eddy was pure enough to comprehend a higher meaning of the Scriptures and give it to humanity in such a form that all may study and find its practical benefits.—Elizabeth Slyer, New Smyrna, Fla.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science is the greatest blessing that has come...
December 16, 1916

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