Christian Science help came to me in dire need

Christian Science help came to me in dire need. My physician had allowed me only a limited diet, which he said I must follow all my life, but that even then I could never again be well. Two friends, though not Christian Scientists themselves, urged me to go to a practitioner, so after a while I yielded. I must have been healed in the first treatment, for I had no pain or other difficulty, though I ate whatever I wanted. The proof of my complete healing was shown later, when I was obliged to be examined by a physician in order to take out insurance papers. He then commented particularly on my sound physical condition.

For those who hold a doubting attitude toward Christian Science I wish to relate a recent experience. In childhood I met with an accident which resulted in a peculiar break of the right arm. Since then I had never been able to get it up as far as the other arm, and in consequence had to use the left arm instead. After beginning to study Christian Science I thought of having treatment for this difficulty, but as the arm rarely caused me pain, I decided not to do so; however, I kept in mind this thought: "Man, as God's offspring, must be spiritual, perfect, eternal," and "When 'the Word' is 'made flesh' among mortals, the Truth of Life is renderedpractical on the body" (Unity of Good, pp. 24, 39). My effort was to realize that the right way to live is to dwell on perfection instead of imperfection. I do not know when the healing took place, but one day I found I could raise my right arm so as to use it as well as the left. Although the physician had told me nothing could ever be done to the bone of the arm and I had remained in bondage to that belief for thirty years, now I am free.

No words can prove adequate to express the gratitude one feels when he has grasped from experience the meaning of the text, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." My prayer is to live my gratitude. For Mrs. Eddy's loving work and all other Christian Science help I am deeply grateful.—Evelyn M. Denison, Yonkers, N. Y.

Testimony of Healing
When Christian Science first came into my life, over five...
December 16, 1916

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