In The Lincoln Journal exception is taken to the attacks...

Mankato (Minn.) Free Press

In The Lincoln Journal exception is taken to the attacks of the Rev. Mr.—on the Christian Scientists. It is hard work for this evangelist to preach a sermon without abusing people. That is not right. In his recent Washington service he attacked the Christian Science faith, and spoke disrespectfully of those who embrace the doctrine of divine healing. In olden times the leper was cleansed, the lame man threw away his crutches, and the temperature of the one sick of a fever at once became normal.

Christian Science tells us that this potential element of physical healing and inward grace is in the world today as full and free as it ever was. Is there any reason why it should not be? If this evangelist is observing, he will have to admit that Christian Scientists are peaceful, law-abiding citizens. They mind their own business. They do not quarrel with other religions. They are more faithful in church attendance than the members of most of the orthodox churches. When reviled and persecuted, they revile not again. If this critic honestly believes that the sick and sore of Palestine, nigh two thousand years ago, touched the hem of the garment of Jesus of Nazareth and were made whole, he should not too fiercely deny the claims of those who believe in this healing. "Lo, I am with you alway," is demonstrably true. Although we Christians are unable to agree on all matters of belief, we should at least endeavor to be kind and courteous to one another, else we are not Christians.

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