From earliest times mankind have sought to express their deepest feelings and emotions by means of music. Thought ever seeks expression, and it is right that all true thought should be expressed not only in one way but in many ways. It goes without saying that we must be good before we can do good, before we can even think good. The "vile person" may be "called liberal," and "the churl said to be bountiful," to quote Isaiah, but this does not make it so in either case; and sooner or later this fact will be disclosed, because Truth's demands are both absolute and unceasing and they are forever calling us to account. Not even the deceptions of material sense can long resist God's eternal demand for perfection, which is felt in art, in science, and in religion, but most of all in our daily living. What is it that makes mortals so dissatisfied with so-called human life but the failure, on their own part as well as on the part of others, to come up to the demand, "Be ye therefore perfect."

In no other way, perhaps, has humanity better expressed its unsatisfied striving after love and truth and freedom than in music. The pity is that the splendid efforts to express perfection in music should stop there, that any should fail to see that the highest from of musical expression is but an echo of the truth and the beauty which are inseparable from man's being when spiritually understood. Well says our revered Leader: "Music is the rhythm of head and heart. Mortal mind is the harp of many strings, discoursing either discord or harmony according as the hand, which sweeps over it, is human or divine" (Science and Health, p. 213).

February 20, 1909

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