I should like to add my testimony as a token of gratitude...

I should like to add my testimony as a token of gratitude for what Christian Science has done for me. My healing has been so gradual and yet so constant, that when I compare my thought of today with what it was seven years ago I have great reason for gratitude. When reading the testimonies in the Sentinel and Journal I find accounts of the healing of many ailments from which I had suffered, but from which I am now free. The one thing that I most appreciate is to know something definite about God and His law, how it is that He heals us. To know that His creation is perfect and always was, and that it is only erring mortal sense which sees it otherwise, is indeed most gratifying. One of my earliest desires was really to know that my prayer had been answered. Later in life I hungered and thirsted to know something of the real meaning of "perfect" as it is used in the Bible. I had had several healings through faith, but it was by study and the understanding received through Christian Science that I was enabled to retain them.

One severe illness of which I have been healed was rheumatic trouble. It came on very suddenly, and after retiring I found that I could not sleep. I grew more and more restless as the night wore on, and by the next morning I felt very very ill indeed. My husband, who is also a Scientist, declared the truth so constantly for me throughout the night, that he was healed of a cough that had been troubling him for quite a while. When morning came he called a practitioner to help me, as he had to go to business, and by ten o'clock that day I was able to go downstairs. The next day I was up and around, but the following day, while I felt much better, I could not walk, as the trouble all seemed to center in one foot. At the expiration of two weeks all swelling, soreness, and inflammation had disappeared and I was able to walk up and down stairs and everywhere. I remember that when I was a young girl an older sister had a similar attack. She was treated by materia medica and it was three months before she could walk.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to say that I called upon Christian Science for...
February 20, 1909

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