Christian Scientists have no feeling of hostility toward...

San Jose (Cal.) Mercury

Christian Scientists have no feeling of hostility toward physicians, as such, for they recognize and appreciate the conscientious efforts of physicians in behalf of suffering humanity, although not believing in their material remedies or methods. The reason for this is simple. According to Christian Science, all men are brothers and should love one another; but when sickness or trouble overtakes them, Christian Scientists, following the teachings and practice of Christ Jesus, depend upon the spiritual power of God for healing, and the vast majority of such cases are healed. It is not claimed that there are no failures under Christian Science treatment; but most of those who fail to recover were previously pronounced incurable by medical practitioners, so there was no hope from material methods. On the other hand, thousands of cases which had been given up as hopeless by physicians have been healed through Christian Science, proving that diseases thought to be incurable from a material standpoint can be cured by a higher power.

Regarding diagnosis, the doctor says: "Without familiarity with intelligent diagnosis, how ludicrous seems the claim of its miraculous cures of cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis, diphtheria, smallpox, and other incurable and curable maladies." Instead of depending upon physical "signs and symptoms of disease" for his diagnosis, the Christian Scientist looks beyond them for the mental cause, and when this is removed the patient is healed, showing that the mental diagnosis was correct. Many cases of the diseases mentioned above, as diagnosed by reputable physicians, have been healed by Christian Science, which proves either that such diseases are curable through Christian Science, or that the doctors made a mistake in their diagnosis. If the former, Christian Science heals what has been considered incurable disease; if the latter, what shall we think of the boasted medical diagnosis? But in either case the patient who was hopelessly sick is now well through the ministrations of Christian Science, and is thanking God for his recovery.

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