I had been a member of an orthodox church from early...

I had been a member of an orthodox church from early childhood, and tried to live a Christian life, but mainly because I was so afraid of punishment after death, for I could not honestly bring myself to love a God who, as I was taught to believe, was going to punish me by burning me forever if I disobeyed the least of His commandments. As I grew older I began to doubt the Bible and the Christ story, for I could not see where prayer was answered, and my daily prayer was for some sign to prove that the Bible was true. I noticed that good Christian people had sickness and trouble the same as the so-called wicked, and I finally came to the conclusion that the story of Jesus' life was only another Santa Claus story, the difference being to make children believe that if they were bad God would punish them and if they were good Santa Claus would bring them presents.

I had been in this state of mind for a good many years, when my husband was healed of severe paralytic trouble through Christian Science. I then felt that I had not only a sign, but a positive proof of the healing power of Christ, I began to study Christian Science, and through the application of its teachings I was healed of a bronchial trouble from which I had suffered every winter for fifteen years; also of chronic bowel trouble, and an acute attack of bladder trouble. I am very thankful to God for this healing, and also to Mrs. Eddy. The practitioner who helped us was always careful to make us fully understand that the healing in Christian Science is from God, and the very best demonstrations we have had have been the result of absent treatment.

Testimony of Healing
I send a few words to express my gratitude to God, and...
February 20, 1909

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