In our text-book, Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy tells us...

In our text-book, Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy tells us that "Love is the liberator" (p. 225). The truth of these words I have demonstrated for myself, and it has been an invaluable lesson to me and a convincing proof of the divine Principle of healing as revealed in Christian Science. In October, 1907, an abnormal growth appeared on my body. It steadily grew larger and soon became extremely painful. This manifestation was something I had greatly dreaded ever since I can remember, and fear seemed to take complete possession of me. I could not bring myself to speak of my trouble to any one,—not even to the kind practitioner, who had never failed to help me in my greatest need. I thought the very mention of it would make it seem more real. In my extremity I was forced to take up the work for myself, and this proved to be God's opportunity to lead me into the light, though it was "with fear and trembling" that I undertook to work out my own salvation.

For six weeks I stood "porter at the door of thought" (Science and Health, p. 392), and prayed unceasingly in my earnest desire to become better morally and spiritually. During that time I was able to overcome bitterness, strife, and hatred, which had dominated me more or less all my life, and I learned not only to pity and forgive, but to pray for one whom I had hitherto regarded as my worstenemy. All these weeks I had been going to my seat immediately upon entering the church, at the Sunday morning service, leaving without conversation afterward. During the service I prayed earnestly to God to teach me how to "love much," and at the beautiful service on Thanksgiving morning, my prayer was answered. I was instantaneously healed. Divine Truth had made me free; Love had indeed liberated me! The false growth, the pain, and all traces of inflammation had disappeared. It had simply dissolved into its native nothingness. As Mrs. Eddy tells us in Science and Health (p. 266), Love had forced me to accept what would best promote my growth, and this healed me.—Evelyne Hill, Cleveland, O.

Testimony of Healing
I did not hear of Christian Science while looking for...
February 20, 1909

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