We read in our text-book (p. 79) that "giving does not impoverish us in the service of our Maker," and just at this time, when our hearts are full of joy in the thought that our Publishing Society has responded to the perpetual demand of Truth to "enlarge our borders," I am moved to relate a recent experience. It has been my privilege to contribute to the publishing house building fund through the medium of our church. A few days after making what I thought would be my last contribution to this fund, I received what seemed like a rather large dividend on a small investment made only about a month previous to this time. Being awakened to greater activity through reading the articles in our Sentinel, I saw that I need not wait for another "collection day" to come, but that I could avail myself of the invitation to contribute "both individually and collectively;" so I immediately sent this money to the treasurer of the building fund. Within a short time after returning from the post-office, an amount but a trifle less than that which I had sent was very unexpectedly given me by one who had no knowledge whatever of what I had done.

This is only one of many similar experiences which I have had from the blessing of "giving." Although my income is not large, if reckoned by dollars and cents, yet my wants have been most abundantly supplied, for is not God the very fount of supply? It has always been my habit to give all that I possibly could at the moment, keeping no account whatever knowing that I would receive in the measure of my ability to accept. Christ Jesus said, "It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom," and this I have endeavored to make an abiding consciousness; thus the "motion of divine energy" has indeed been "unlabored" (Science and Health, p. 445).

February 20, 1909

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