Christian Science is not, as is commonly supposed, a...

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Christian Science is not, as is commonly supposed, a mere school of physical healing. It is a religion—the religion of Jesus Christ—and accomplishes its healing and redemptive work in the same manner as did the Master and his disciples. It heals physically by improving the spiritual and moral nature of the patient, the recovery from disease being the evidence of such improvement. Christian Scientists do not use a special Bible of their own but draw inspiration from the spiritual wells of the same old Bible of our fathers. The Christian Science text-book, Science and Health, is used as a commentary, just as orthodox clergymen use their Bible helps.

In giving Christian Science to the world Mrs. Eddy does not claim to have founded a new religion. Through study, research, and demonstration she discovered that the teaching and healing methods of Jesus are just as efficacious today as they were in his time. The proof that Christian Science is primitive Christianity is found in the results obtained through its practice. Thousands have been redeemed from sin and disease, their lives corrected and purified to a greater degree than ever before; men and women are made better parents, neighbors, and citizens, but best of all, made sincere and earnest followers of Christ Jesus, striving daily to conform their lives to his standard.

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