There is no doubt that discords of every kind can be overcome by Christian Science when our understanding of it is clear and definite enough to make the demonstration. It often seems much easier to overcome sickness than some of the varied phases of human existence in which undesired conditions assume to rule. In thinking out a business problem, for instance, there is the danger of being misled by self-will or self-interest rather than by a single desire to demonstrate "the law of God, the law of good," which leads us to the ultimate "rule of universal harmony" (Rudimental Divine Science, p. 7). To be harmonious, business must give satisfactory interchange between buyer and seller. A "good deal" in the old sense, where profit is one-sided, is not good from the standpoint of Christian Science. We must always give fair and honest value, for to take unfair advantage of another is not loving our neighbor as ourself. We need not fear, because the market appears to be already glutted with what we desire to sell, if we know that our supply will meet another's need.

To eliminate selfishness and dishonesty from trade is part of the work of Christian Science, and we must see to it that our share in this line of progress is not neglected. Many theories for business interchange have been cleverly set forth, but all material theories which lack the practical, logical basis of Christian Science fail to meet humanity's need. The teachings of Christian Science, if put into practice, will overcome all evils of "sweating" and uncover to us the subtle dishonesty of trying to make unfair bargains which must result in loss to some fellow-man. The craze for cheapness will be checked, as we realize that every laborer "is worthy of his hire,"—not a mere pittance, but an honest and liberal reward, for honest toil. Our right to live in peace and harmony will be seen as we relinquish all faith in evil, and learn that the only power is God, good. Having been so long accustomed, almost unconsciously, to yield authority to evil of some sort, it requires a vigorous, firm determination to get rid of this old lying serpent and assert man's God-given dominion over adverse material conditions.

October 31, 1908

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