Our forefathers were satisfied with candle-light, but we are anticipating something much brighter than electricity has yet given us. The Revolutionary heroes, who were seeking a new and better government than that of "the right divine of kings," knew nothing better than the stage-coach for travel, but we are not satisfied with the luxurious Pullman sleeper, and are demanding flying-machines. Our Knickerbocker ancestors made it most uncomfortable for Fulton when he dared suggest steamboat transportation on our beautiful Hudson River; now the Atlantic greyhounds are not swift enough for us. Dire catastrophes were predicted for the penny post; but few of us were in the least astonished when wireless telegraphy became practical. Indeed, we are expecting that time and space will be annihilated, because we are beginning to understand that the only real laws are those of Mind, and to Mind there can be no obstruction.

We never dreamed of seedless berries, nor of the cactus without its spines; but Burbank with his higher sense of harmony is transforming the vegetable world. Similar changes have been chronicled in the field of physical healing. The allopath gave great quantities of medicine. Then came the homeopath, with his attenuated doses; and now the osteopath, who gives no drugs at all. Each step has made it easier to see and to welcome the higher law of healing through divine Science. Past generations bowed to a God of vengeance and believed that He made disease contagious; but with clearer vision we see a God who is Love, who knows nothing but good. "Surely the old order changeth, yielding place to new." Druggists' windows are placarded with guarantees of safe prescriptions, but Christian Scientists, who have God as their only physician, fear neither a wrong dose nor an overdose, for we know that we cannot have too much of Truth, nor can divine Love be poured out in too large a measure. In the new heaven and the new earth each man and woman will be transformed and healed by the renewing of the mind. The new woman has given to the new world a new religion that is making us know that the new heaven is right here in each of us, and that we do not have to die to attain it.

October 31, 1908

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