In sincere gratitude for Christian Science, which has...

In sincere gratitude for Christian Science, which has proven so beneficial in healing all the ailments that have been presented for adjustment, both in my wife and myself, I send this grateful acknowledgment. Mrs. Eddy has given to the world a method by which it can reclaim the gift that was so bountifully bestowed upon those present in the age when the Master taught the doctrine of true Christianity,—a truth that was to remain forever, to bless all succeeding generations. Words seem inadequate to express fully my gratitude for the healing that has been brought to myself and wife, and for the spiritual uplifting which has come to both of us,—that of constant ascendency, every hour raising us higher in thought and realization of God's spiritual creation. Through Christian Science we are reaching an altitude of thought which gives us the true understanding of Life, Truth, and Love, thereby lifting the curtain of perplexity and doubt and allowing us to peep into the vestibule of man's divine heritage, "dominion," with an occasional glimpse at the beauties of its promised realization.

Through Christian Science my freedom from bondage to the following ailments has been gained, and I have been perfectly healed of the tobacco habit of forty years' duration, the wearing of glasses for about eighteen years, rheumatic trouble, etc. My wife was healed of a malady which had baffled the skill of physicians, and each day she seemed to be growing worse under their treatment, with no encouragement for any result other than a gradual disruption of her physical health. Not until Christian Science was brought to her aid was she released from bondage, and only a very few treatments were required to restore her to a normal condition, this truth effecting her complete recovery.

October 31, 1908

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