The possibilities of good attaching to the present number and variety of means for the dissemination of thought can be exceeded only by their possibilities of ill. Never in the history of the world was there so broadcast a sowing of ideas, and never, it would seem, were the channels of youth so flooded with that which vitiates the appetite, degrades the sense, and debases the character. These things being true, the need of forethought and discrimination, upon the part of those who are responsible for the kind and quality of the reading-matter which supplies the young with "food for thought," was never so great.

All this was deeply impressed upon the attention of one individual some years ago by a discovery which he made while visiting in a beautiful country home. He had arrived late in the evening, and having gone immediately to his room, he made his first acquaintance with his surroundings on the following dawn, when he came downstairs to find that the other inmates of the home were enjoying the privilege of a Sunday morning nap. Being thus alone, he began to look about, and noted that the furnishings and decorations of the home gave evidence of much intelligence and taste, as well as of abundant resources, while the well-stocked library, together with numerous religious and literary periodicals, spoke more specifically of the high* ideals and aspirations of the parents. Nevertheless, in the midst of this Eden, the visitor found the trail of the serpent, when, to his utter astonishment, he chanced upon a pile of the emblazoned Sunday issues of an ultra "yellow journal," together with numerous well-worn copies of a paper devoted wholly to the exploitation of crime.

October 31, 1908

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