It is sometimes said, "How is it possible that Christian Science should do the marvelous things which are claimed for it? I could more easily believe in it if I could see how such things can take place." We do not need to know how they take place. What we need to know is that they can and do take place. God takes care of the process. True, we have a part in the process; but that part is only to know,—to know what to know and how to know it. "Ye shall know the truth." All else belongs to Truth, for it is Truth that performs the work. "The truth shall make you free."

An electrician does not need to know, and does not know, just how those wonderful manifestations come about with which we are all familiar in the electrical world to-day. He does not even know, or claim to know, what electricity itself really is, or why certain results follow certain prearranged conditions; but he does know, from his own experience and that of others, that those results do follow those conditions, and that is enough for him. His part is to arrange the conditions, and the electricity will take care of the rest. Provided he obeys faithfully those laws that have been discovered to govern the action of electricity, he has no doubt as to the outcome, and meets with no failures in his work.

October 31, 1908

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