Christian Science prepares a bountiful table for those hungering and thirsting after righteousness. It satisfies them with good things and makes provision for every contingency. In the modern world in which it has appeared, it is establishing the divine right of men and women to discard evil and magnify good, to be reformers of themselves and of others, and to be happy, joyous, and well while engaged in this work. It is illustrating to all who are willing to learn, how best to help the poor (those who are receptive) without pauperizing them, without making them dependent or incapacitating them for self-government and self-control. It is proving that to become spiritually minded is to grow healthy in body as well as mind. It enables sin-sick suffers to become once more as little children; it teaches the prayer of true faith, gives the understanding of man's dominion over the whole earth, and reinstates practical, everyday, operative Christianity, as it was set forth by Jesus and his early followers.

The way of Christian Science is the way of primitive Christianity. Jesus explained it centuries ago, when he said, speaking for the Christ which was his divinity, "I am the way, the truth, and the life," meaning that his understanding or Science of God was the way. His own followers had much difficulty in comprehending the purport and import of his words until they learned to do the works which he commanded them. Later, scholastic theology, forgetting to do the works, shrouded the great Master's words in mysticism, so that their true meaning had to be rediscovered in our day through Christian Science, in order that these very words might have the "signs following."

July 20, 1907

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