Our reverend critic objects to the Christian Science teaching...

Worcester (Mass.) Telegram

Our reverend critic objects to the Christian Science teaching regarding the unreality of matter, and states that it is not a new philosophy. We are pleased to agree with him here. The teaching that matter is not an eternal reality, is as old as the Scriptures, for we find it repeatedly set forth in them that the things which are real and eternal are spiritual, not material. Mrs. Eddy is thoroughly aware that ideas akin to this phase of Christian Science teaching have been held by some of the greatest thinkers of the ages, and she alludes to and quotes them often in her writings. But until she wrote "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," no one had been able to frame these ideas so that they could be demonstrably understood. During the past decade, however, this theory of matter has been widely accepted among the foremost natural scientists.

The gentleman adds, "Will some one tell us what a state of mind that does not exist might perhaps be." This is most easily answered by illustration. The wildly impossible ideas of a sleeper's fancy have no foundation in fact, for they immediately vanish upon his awaking. And what is the state of one's mind but the aggregate of thoughts which one is entertaining? It is one of the tenets of the Christian Science Church to strive to have in one's self the Mind "which was also in Christ Jesus"—that is, to lay hold on the ideas which he taught and demonstrated regarding the healing of sin and disease; to gain an understanding, "a systematized knowledge" of God and man's relation to him, as set forth in I John, 3:1-3.

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