"How to get well; that is the beginning and the end...

The North American,

"How to get well; that is the beginning and the end of medicine," said Dr. Horatio C. Wood, Jr., in his vivid address before the American Medical Association at Philadelphia, June 5. "At present two powerful classes exist in the medical profession. One is the nihilist element, which hides its ignorance of medicine by blatant declarations that all drugs are worthless. These men point to the fact that even half a grain of quinine is poisonous to some systems, and would therefore condemn any use of this drug. They do not recognize that differences in chemical action are to be found where conditions vary. A class that is in direct opposition to the medical nihilists is that which, appealing in vain to the leaders in medical science to throw some light upon treatment which will really cure human maladies, finally turns in despair to the manufacturing chemists, who supply tons and hogsheads of drugs to be administered ad libitum. This latter class becomes at once the prey of the nostrum venders, and helps to pour poison into the stomachs of the nation.

"Is it any wonder that mankind, weary of such ignorace and tomfoolery, is turning to Christian Science, osteopathy, and all the other cults that promise to do what incapable physicians have failed to accomplish?"

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