I wish to testify to the wonderful healing that Christian Science...

I wish to testify to the wonderful healing that Christian Science has done for me. I am in my seventy-sixth year, and was for twenty-two years an elder in an orthodox church and helped to build the first Presbyterian church in this great State, hoisted the first American flag in San Juan county, and manufactured medicine for thirty-five years. I am a blacksmith, and love to work at my trade.

One night in January, 1906, I was coming home. It was very dark, and I had to cross a bridge without a railing, within one hundred and fifty yards of my house. I got on the bridge, and was feeling my way. When I came to the center of the bridge, one of the planks was shorter than the others, and my foot went in a hole and I fell on a pile of rocks and lay in the water. I could not speak or move for some time, but my thought was clear. I asked God to take me home to my wife and daughters; then I lifted my hand and caught hold of some bushes, and soon got to my house, but could not open the door or speak. My daughter came and let me in, took off my clothing and found that I was badly hurt. My son went for a doctor. When he came I could speak. He said he would have to give me chloroform before he could set my shoulder, but I refused to take it. I told him to try to put the shoulder in its place, so he gently raised my arm and it went into the socket. The doctor said he had never seen such a thing before. All he had to do was to bandage the broken parts. My daughter wrote to a Christian Science practitioner at once, and I could tell immediately the time the Scientist got the letter. I had no pain and felt such great love for God and my fellow-beings. I was spitting blood for two weeks, but there was no pain, and no sign of a bruise on the flesh. All the broken bones were healed in three weeks, and in six weeks I was in Bellingham visiting the practitioner. Fifteen or twenty friends visited me daily, and I could talk as cheerfully as if nothing had gone wrong. To-day I shoe heavy horses, and love to do so. I have used no medicine for twelve years. God is my Healer through the teachings of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
Having received so many blessings through Christian Science...
July 20, 1907

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