The Patriot

There is a good deal of visiting among women done in every community. It was our pleasure or pain a short time since to be present when some of this visiting was done. The ladies who came traveled in a pair. They came in, they could not stay long, but they used every moment of the time at their disposal for discussing their troubles, their neighbors' troubles, their illness, and the illness among their neighbors, and one hundred and one things that it were infinitely better not to discuss, and they left unsaid so many things that might be talked about with profit.

William E. Curtis, a correspondent of the Record-Herald, who has entered perhaps more different newspaper offices than any other man alive, who has traveled farther and viewed conditions closer in more different sections of the world than any man alive, whom during many years it has been our pleasure and profit to follow in his wanderings over every section of the globe, has been in Concord for the last few days, and is still in New Hampshire.

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