Last August my sons, aged nine and thirteen years...

Last August my sons, aged nine and thirteen years, were making a toy engine, and while soldering a tin tube the younger, who was eagerly watching his brother, bent down over the work. The older boy suddenly moved the red-hot iron, and the end of it went into the other's right eye. He was brought to my room suffering intensely. He called for Science help, and my daughter and I began declaring the truth for him as best we could. In two hours the blister had disappeared, but the suffering was still very severe. When he was able to raise the eyelid the appearance was terrible to us. For a few moments I was powerless to move; then, rising in consciousness to the altitude of Truth and Love, my strength was restored. I hastened to the telephone office, and called on a practitioner in Cedar Rapids for help. The child suffered greatly for several hours, when he fell asleep, rousing up occasionally with pain, until about two o'clock, when he slept quietly and peacefully until morning.

When he awoke he exclaimed, "O mamma, it doesn't hurt a bit, and I can see!" We ran, overjoyed, to his sister's room, and not a trace of the scar was to be found on the eyeball. We could scarcely believe what we now saw. With the exception of the eyelashes being partly gone, and some redness of the lid, the eye was apparently restored, but he said that everything looked blurred. The practitioner continued to help him for three days, when the sight was perfectly restored. I wish to add that I owe my life to Christian Science, having been most wonderfully healed after trying every known remedy and suffering untold agony for many years. I know this is the Christ-healing which I had sought earnestly for twenty-seven years in an orthodox church, but could not find it. As wonderful as was my physical healing, it was nothing compared to the spiritual uplift! I have found God, and I now know that in Him I live and move and have my being, and in finding God I have found the peace "which passeth all understanding," and unspeakable joy, which the world did not give, neither can it take away.

Testimony of Healing
Sitting by the bedside of our little girl, I listened to...
July 20, 1907

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