How to live was discussed recently before a large audience...

Toledo (Ohio) Press

How to live was discussed recently before a large audience of thoughtful people in the Valentine Theater by Bick-nell Young, the Christian Science lecturer. Mr. Young indulges neither fervor of language nor flights of oratory, nor does he appeal to the emotional side of human nature. His lecture is scholarly, logical, clear, and convincing. His arguments were within the grasp of even the simple child, yet he sounded the depths of philosophic and scientific research.

Health and happiness, now and forever, was his theme. He based both on sound morality—the morality of scientific truth proven in daily life. He defined God as the eternal Principle of life and the all-pervading Spirit of good, as well as the very essence of right-mindedness. Christ Jesus came into this world and mingled with men corporeally for the purpose of teaching all mankind how to develop this right-mindedness—and he accomplished his mission, not only by precept but by practice. He promised mankind that all who accepted the Principle and practised the rule would be happy—and he warned them that they could not reach happiness through care and worry over the material things of time. ... The cure of disease, according to the speaker, consists in the restoration of this harmony between the patient and the source of life—divine Mind. Materia medica has no power to restore this harmony. Material things are the servants of mankind, and not the master. Christ came to restore peace—harmony—to the world, and thus restore happiness. There is no happiness without health. He taught his followers, therefore, how to restore health. He assured them that they could do it, and he commanded them to heal the sick as he had taught them. They did it. They are doing it now. They will continue to do it. His promise shall not fail.

July 20, 1907

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