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Secretary Root has been in correspondence with Governor Taft regarding the construction of a system of railroads in the Philippine Islands, amounting to some six hundred miles. It is proposed to build a lino from Manila north through Luzon to the harbor at the northernmost end of the island. Another projected line is a branch from this north and south line over the mountains to the eastern coast. Another proposed line is from Manila south to Batangas. It has been suggested also that a line be constructed along the west coast of Luzon from Dagupan, the present terminus of the Manila & Dagupan road, to the north end of the island.

Secretary Root believes that the construction these roads would be immense benefit and would settle for all time the question of possible insurrection in the Island of Luzon. For police and patrol of the roads, it is believed, would be far superior to regiments of soldiers, while the expense for troops would be nearly double the amount of interest the Government would pay on the cost of the railroad construction. the official report just completed by Special Agent Brosious of the Indian Rights' Association. The report mentions members of the Dawes Commission of the Department of Justice and of several other branches of the Government service as members of companies involved. Special Agent Brosious declares that trust companies and land sharks have been operating for a long time in securing lands from Indians without giving them adequate return.

Meeting Difficulties in Metaphysics
August 29, 1903

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