A Beautiful plant, covered with fragrant blossoms, was taken by one who loved it into a dingy office where flowers did not usually find their way. She had tended and nourished it from a tiny seedling into a profusion of loveliness. The plant did not appear concerned because everyone did not appreciate its beauty, but went on shedding its perfume for all who came near it, even for one who ridiculed its presence.

Our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, loved flowers and drew many helpful lessons from them. On page 330 of "Miscellaneous Writings" she tells us, "With each returning year, higher joys, holier aims, a purer peace and diviner energy, should freshen the fragrance of being." And below she asks (pp. 330,331): "When gentle violet lifts its blue eye to heaven, and crown imperial unveils its regal splendor to the sun; when the modest grass, inhabiting the whole earth, stoops meekly before the blast; when the patient corn waits on the elements to put forth its slender blade, construct the stalk, instruct the ear, and crown the full corn in the ear,—then, are mortals looking up, waiting on God, and committing their way unto Him who tosses earth's mass of wonders into their hands? When downtrodden like the grass, did it make them humble, loving, obedient, full of good odor, and cause them to wait patiently on God for man's rich heritage,—'dominion over all the earth'?"

Again, in her Message to The Mother Church for 1900 (p. 8) Mrs. Eddy says, "As in the floral kingdom odors emit characteristics of tree and flower, a perfume or a poison, so the human character comes forth a blessing or a bane upon individuals and society." Which kind of odor does our character send forth? Do we come through unpleasant experiences with the smell of resentment and self-pity clinging to us, or with the perfume of gratitude that we are able to prove the allness of God, good? Do we allow the disagreeable odors of past problems to remain with us, or do we cleanse our thought of them in order that we may bear witness to the omnipresence and healing power of Truth?

August 16, 1947

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