Magnifying the Lord

When the Psalmist sang, "O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together," his thought evidently was to praise God highly, to extol Him who was Israel's help and deliverer. Through divine direction and power the children of Israel had been liberated from Egyptian bondage and had been cared for during their self-imposed wandering in the wilderness. Through faith in God and obedience to His law the Israelites had been led dry-shod across the river Jordan, the walls of Jericho had fallen before them, and the promised land of Canaan had passed into their possession; sickness had been healed in their midst, and the hand of plague and pestilence had been stayed through prayer to God. Surely there was abundant reason for them to magnify and praise God.

Christian Science shows that scientifically praising and extolling God serves the practical purpose of opening our eyes to the presence and power of divine good; to our sense praise magnifies the Lord because it enables us to realize more clearly and fully the fact that God, good, is the all and only power. Thereby do we follow the example of Christ Jesus, whose life, words, and works constituted a continuous paean of praise to the Father of all. The Master's mission was to awaken mankind from the Adam-dream of life and mind in matter and thereby save men from sin and sickness, limitation and death. His understanding of the omnipotence and omnipresence of Spirit empowered Jesus to prove that man's health and life are spiritual, impeccable, and eternal, and that disease, discord, and death are temporal falsities. He magnified good continually, and he minimized, yes nothingized, evil consistently.

The Value of Tact
February 15, 1936

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