The Open Door

Suppose a householder is asleep when a night watchman discovers the door of the dwelling to be wide open. He rouses the householder and, together, they examine the dwelling to ascertain whether it is free from those with thieving and malicious purposes who may have entered through the unguarded doorway. The householder, having expelled any possible intruders, shuts his door and fastens it securely.

We are all householders, keepers of our mental domain, our consciousness, our thinking. Alert to the situation confronting us, to the subtle suggestions and fears which would enter our mental dwelling place through the doorway of our thoughts, we have a ready defense against their pleas for admittance. The strength of our defense depends upon the measure of our alertness, the clarity of our recognition of the truth which automatically expels and destroys all error. The only plea that error can put forward is that we accept it as truth, as coming from within our mental home rather than from without; that we accept it as reality instead of detecting it as false suggestion. Then, and only then, can it enter our dwelling place.

Life Ever New
February 15, 1936

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