The Way Out

There is always a way out of any seeming difficulty. There is always to be found a correct solution of every human problem. It matters not how deeply a mortal may appear to be sunk in the mire of materiality, there is a way for him to be extricated. It makes no difference how hopeless, viewed from the human standpoint, is the condition of sickness, or how degrading and inveterate the claim of sin, there is yet a way of release. No suffering is so great, no disease so firmly intrenched, no fear so intense or persistent, no situation so complicated, but there is a way of salvation available.

The way of deliverance from any untoward condition of belief, whether it seems to be manifested in human experience as sin, suffering, pain, poverty, discord, or disease, is the Christ-way. And the Christ-way is always the way of Life, not of death. Mary Baker Eddy, writing of Jesus the Christ on page 55 of "Unity of Good," says: "He was the Way-shower; and Christian Scientists who would demonstrate 'the way' must keep close to his path, that they may win the prize. 'The way,' in the flesh, is the suffering which leads out of the flesh. 'The way,' in Spirit, is 'the way' of Life, Truth, and Love, redeeming us from the false sense of the flesh and the wounds it bears." So, then, the way out of suffering and distress is not to die out of it, but to live out of it through understanding Christ as the way of Life.

Item of Interest
February 15, 1936

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