[Original testimony in German]

As far back as I can remember in my earliest childhood...

As far back as I can remember in my earliest childhood I was sick. My parents were always afraid could not live to grow up. I was always a subject of anxious care to them, and to the doctors whose observation I was under constantly. At home and at school exceedingly weak and delicate child, one who needed to be nursed along. I suffered from such an advanced stage of anaemia that none of the organs of my body were functioning properly because of lack of blood. Worst of all, however, were the attacks of sick headache. I was obliged to keep to my bed for months.

At a very early age I married. My health did improve, but rather grew worse. The war and the revolution in Russia with all its horrors ruined us My husband passed away during that time under tragic I was left alone with a three-year-old child without any means whatever. Physically I felt worse than I soon found work, but could not manage on my meager income, because I had been brought up under different and did not know how to do with the means at my disposal. In addition, constant physical made my life a burden. I had been told that my father had to consumption, and of this disease had been found in me and even in my small child. The specter of haunted me; I was tormented with neuralgic pains and insomnia; in short, there was hardly a disease that had not been manifested on my body or in my imagination.

Testimony of Healing
It was approximately twenty-one years ago that a gentleman...
February 15, 1936

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