My heart is filled with gratitude for the truth which heals...

My heart is filled with gratitude for the truth which heals and saves; and because of the uplifting and joy which I receive from reading the testimonies of others in our publications I think it is time for me to give expression to that appreciation. When there seems to be a mist and I find I am not thinking rightly, if I turn to the testimonies and read them, in a few moments I find peace and a new inspiration to study for a higher understanding of Truth, Life, and Love.

The first healing I experienced was of car sickness, when all I knew of Christian Science was the name. This healing was accomplished through a single absent treatment by a relative. It was not until many years later that I again heard of this Science, and even then I gave it little serious attention, but read, as I then thought broad-mindedly, psychology, naturopathy, physical culture, new thought, theosophy, and any other line relating to mind and body control. When Christian Science was presented to me by a friend I resisted its teachings for some time, even while attending church services and lectures.

Then came a time when I saw healings which convinced me that the application of this truth is effective. I saw one healed of a compound fracture of the leg, and later a healing of what the medical profession had declared to be the last stages of cancer. I saw every need supplied by divine Love when all material supply for a family seemed exhausted. Then a member of my own family, who was not interested in Christian Science, was saved after the doctors had declared recovery impossible and death imminent.

November 28, 1936

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