Love in Practice

FROM the heart that is awakening to the demands of Love there often comes the question, "How can I most effectively help my fellow man?" What Godlike qualities should I express in order to lift the burden of illusion from my brother's thought? We see around us those who are bowed beneath beliefs of fear, lack, sin, and disease, and yearn to bring to them the knowledge of the truth which has been revealed to the world in Christian Science. We think of our own healings, of the joys and blessings that this truth has brought to countless others, and naturally we long for all to waken to the assurance of their sonship with God and to enter into this "glorious liberty." How can we help?

Gratefully we turn to Christ Jesus, the Way-shower, humbly studying his way of dealing with men and the spirit which he manifested. Christ Jesus expressed the highest degree of the perfection of being that the world has ever known. And a remarkable feature of his life was his attitude of opposition towards everything that tended to impress human thought with anything unlike good. He unquestionably revealed God, the Father of all, as Love, and it is the exquisite expression of Love which he gave that has so largely won the world to the acceptance of his teachings and his works.

The Road Is Safe
June 24, 1933

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