This reply is to a letter signed "Old Egypt" in your issue...


This reply is to a letter signed "Old Egypt" in your issue of April 11, and to another on April 16, wherein the writer of the letter agrees with "Old Egypt," and then attempts to discredit Christian Scientists.

Although Christian Scientists do not believe in "spiritualism, theosophy, and hypotism," they have no enmity towards those who do, for every individual has the right to follow the dictates of his own conscience. Persistent attempts to associate Christian Science with these subjects make it obligatory, however, upon everyone authorized to speak for the Christian Science church to make it clear that such statements are without a vestige of truth.

The Christian Science lecturer referred to clearly explained the great gulf between Christian Science and hypnotism by relating a specific case that plainly illustrated the fatal effects of hypnotic influence upon those who lend themselves to it and do not resist it. Nevertheless, the statement is again made by the critic that healings are effected in Christian Science by "hypnotic influences." Authorized Christian Science churches, and members thereof, subscribe to and are amenable to the Church Manual, by Mary Baker Eddy. In Article XI, Section 9, it is written, "Members of this Church shall not learn hypnotism on penalty of being excommunicated from this Church."

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